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Selasa, 19 Maret 2019

The Wonderful Mexican Deportations

When I had been born in January of 1932, another fantastic event was happening. The United States Government had been occupying the houses of Mexican Americans, scaring the hell out of the children, rounding up the families such as the Germans failed the Jews, Poles, and many others during World War II, and sending all of them back to Mexico with their private possessions.

The Wonderful Mexican Deportations

The objective of the roundup, which I had been too young to stop, nor did I understand that it was occurring-it was not my fault-was the Mexicans were working for a living. That signaled they had jobs which were required by Americans.

Do I think that?

Not in out area.

I understood this was happening since I had been older. Being a kid, I kept my eyes in my near Japanese friends, trusting they wouldn't be placed into camps. Luckily, they weren't.

But there was an older Japanese guy that walked across the railroad tracks amassing coal to a gunny sack. We heard all types of rumors about that poor old man that was only trying to stay warm.

We heard he was counting on the tanks which were rolling across the rail bed. We heard that he had a shortwave radio he was able to report on the daily count of trucks, trucks, tanks, firearms, and what are you. When he vanished we knew"for sure" he had been a spy.

He might have ended up at a camp.

I understood nothing about the Mexican deportation before I read it at USA Today.

Obviously the reason that is being hammered is the Mexicans haven't forgotten it. They do not enjoy the new proposed laws which may send them packaging. I really don't blame them. They want the government to apologize to the very last deportations expecting that will prevent them from doing this .

That is likely to make the Mexicans despise us no Mexican will wish to immigrate to our nation. We'd strategically have them push us out and enable them to establish a significant defense line along their northern boundary that nobody can permeate again. Problem solved! (We should not get carried away with this and ruin their infrastructure because we did in Iraq. We have to run before them as they swing their machetes in our brooms.)

Hey! I am just kidding!

We want the Mexicans up here in Idaho to operate our factories and farms.

The End

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